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Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Lightened Skyrim
Skyrim Priority SE AE – CPU Performance FPS Optimizer
SSE Display Tweaks
Address Library for SKSE Plugins v9
SSE Engine Fixes
powerofthree’s Papyrus Extender
JContainers SE
Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID)
Powerofthree’s Tweaks
Base Object Swapper
MCM Helper
eFPS – Exterior FPS boost
Fuz Ro D-oh – Silent Voice


Rudy ENB SE for Cathedral Weathers
Particle Patch for ENB
Lux v6.4.1
Embers XD
Water for ENB
Skurkbro’s Retexture Project AIO
Seriously Improved Sparks
Lightened Skyrim


Skyrim 202X by Pfuscher – Formerly 2020
JK’s All-in-One
Skyland AIO
Dawn of Skyrim (Director’s Cut) SE
JK’s Skyrim – Dawn of Skyrim – Patch
HS Resources
Paradise City for Vanilla Skyrim — Great Trees for Cities SE
Gallows of Skyrim SSE
RUSTIC WINDOWS – Special Edition
Unique Hand-Made Signs Overhaul SE
Rally’s Market Stalls Animated


HS Riverwood – Alvor and Sigrid’s House
HS Riverwood – Riverwood Trader
HS Riverwood – Sleeping Giant Inn
HS Riverwood – Hod and Gerdur’s House
This is Riverwood
Riverwood Flowering
Riverwood Keep
Riverwood Falls and Bleak Mines
Player House in Riverwood
Riverwood Overhaul by BigHead
(note: needed clean up of some overlapping items via disable in console)


JK’s Whiterun Outskirts
Capital Whiterun Expansion
Whiterun Valley – Hold Expansion
Illustrious Whiterun 2K
Fortified Whiterun
A Few Trees in Whiterun
Epic Doors of Whiterun SE
Epic Gate of Whiterun SE
3D Whiterun Trellis
HS Whiterun – House Gray-Mane
HS Whiterun – Uthgerd’s House
HS Whiterun – Jorrvaskrethor
HS Whiterun – House Battle-Born
HS Whiterun – Dragonsreach
JK’s Temple of Kynareth
HS Whiterun – Arcadia’s Cauldron
HS Whiterun – The Drunken Huntsman
HS Player Homes – Breezehome
HS Whiterun – Warmaiden’s
HS Whiterun – Ysolda’s House
HS Whiterun – Amren’s House
HS Whiterun – The Bannered Mare
City Trees – Whiterun Lanterns
An Abstract Skyrim – Whiterun – Dragonsreach Entrance
An Abstract Skyrim – Whiterun – Hall of the Dead Entrance
Whiterun Bench – Replacer
Dovahnique’s Diverse Dark Elf Lanterns
Whiterun Horse Statue
Whiterun Forest Borealis
After the Civil War – Siege Damage Repairs
(note: needed clean up of some overlapping items via disable in console)


Solitude Expansion
Enhanced Solitude SSE
Parallax Texture overhaul for Enhanced Solitude SSE
Epic Cities – Solitude SSE
Extravagant Interiors – Solitude
Sublime Solitude – HD Rework
HS Solitude – Radiant Raiment
HS Solitude – The Winking Skeever
HS Solitude – Angeline’s Aromatics
HS Solitude – Bits and Pieces
HS Player Homes – Proudspire Manor
Springwood Estate – Player Home
Enhanced Solitude SSE player home patches
JK’s Castle Dour
JK’s Blue Palace
JK’s Blue Palace Terrace
JK’s Temple of the Divines
JK’s The Bards College
Snazzy Interiors – Vittoria Vici’s House
Snazzy Interiors – Solitude Erikur’s House
Snazzy Interiors – Solitude Bryling’s House
Snazzy Exteriors – Bryling’s Garden
Solitude Statues AIO
Solitude Skyway
Populated Solitude
Public Executions
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Compatibility Mashup Patch for Solitude Mods
(note: needed clean up of some overlapping items via disable in console)


Spaghetti’s Cities – Riften
JK’s Ragged Flagon
JK’s The Temple of Mara
JK’s Haelga’s Bunkhouse
JK’s The Bee and Barb
HS Player Homes – Honeyside
HS Riften – The Pawned Prawn
Laketown – A Riften Docks expansion SSE
Riften Extension – Southwoods District
JK’s Riften Outskirts


Spaghetti’s Cities – Markarth
JK’s Temple of Dibella
JK’s Understone Keep
JK’s Silver-Blood Inn
JK’s Arnleif and Sons Trading Company
Markarth Outskirts
HS Markarth – The Treasury House
Arena – Markarth Side Town


Capital Windhelm Expansion
JK’s Palace of the Kings
Snazzy Interiors – JK’s Palace of the Kings
JK’s Windhelm Outskirts
HS Windhelm – Temple of Talos
JK’s Candlehearth Hall
HS Windhelm – New Gnisis Cornerclub
HS Windhelm – The White Phial
City Entrances Overhaul – Windhelm
Snazzy Interiors – Windhelm Viola Giordano’s House


Dawnstar – The Pale Capital
Cities of the North – Falkreath
Cities of the North – Winterthold
Ryn’s Farms
Ryn’s Lost Valley Redoubt
Ryn’s Saarthal
Ryn’s Bleakwind Basin
Ryn’s Halted Stream Camp
Ryn’s Karthspire
Ryn’s Valtheim Towers
Ryn’s White River Watch
Ryn’s Azura’s Shrine
Ryn’s Broken Tower Redoubt
Ryn’s Ustengrav
Ryn’s Mistwatch Folly
Ryn’s Lumber Mills
The Great Town of Shor’s Stone SSE
The Great Town of Karthwasten
The Great City Of Morthal SSE Edition
Gerheardt’s Settlements SE (Frostflake, Reachwater, Hatchet, Severock, Lake Febrith)
Lakeview Manor Avant Garden EX for Heart“hfire SSE
Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath EX for Hearthfire SSE
Town of Pinewatch – by Lakeview Manor Estate
Windstad Pool and Hot Bath EX for SSE
ClefJ’s Half Moon Mill – SE
JK’s Sky Haven Temple
JK’s High Hrothgar
JK’s Septimus Signus’s Outpost
JK’s College of Winterhold
JK’s Fort Dawnguard
Winterhold Restored (note: many edites via disable in console that patches didn’t fix))
Quaint Raven Rock – SE
Better Solstheim Locations
Rodryk’s Dragon Bridge
ClefJ’s Dragon Bridge Enhanced SSE
ClefJ Dragon Bridge – JK’s Patch
ze Dragon Bridge Patch – ClefJ’s and Rodryk’s with Myq’s Tweaks and Patches
Thuldor’s Ivarstead
Strongholds – Mor Khazgur
Strongholds – Dushnikh Yal
Laintar Dale (conflicts with Rigmor of Bruma. No patch made yet)
Dunpar Wall
Amber Guard
Vernim Wood
New Weynon
Amol Village
Reich Corigate
Granite Hill Village
SeaPoint Settlement
Cracked Tusk Keep by Schlitzohr
Rigmor-Seapoint Settlement Patch
Siege at Icemoth
Riton Imperial Forts
Juniper’s House for Anska
Inns and Taverns SE
Inns and Taverns SE – Botox Patch
WiZkiD Hunter’s Camp Overhaul
ELAF POI Restless and Shipwrecks (Points of interest Two)
Shadows Over Ilinalta
Shadows Over Ilinalta – Botox Patch
Skyfall’s Sleeping Hist Tree Overhaul


Skyrim Battle Aftermath SE
Lux Via
Civil War Battlefields
Ryn’s Dragon Mounds Collection
Ryn’s Standing Stones
The Marshlands
Rudy HQ – Nordic Ruins SE
Cutting Room Floor
Hanged Man’s Tree in Skyrim Special Edition
[Ashtoreth] Castel Dimirescu SE
Northern Scenery – Ysgramor’s Tomb
Northern Scenery – Whiterun’s Tundra
Northern Scenery – Ansilvund
Northern Scenery – Angarvunde
Northern Scenery – IronBind Barrow
Unmarked Locations Pack- All In One (125 new locations)
Unmarked Locations Pack- All In One – Patch Hub


GKB Waves Reborn
Veydosebrom Regions – Grass Overhaul
Northern Grass SE
Skyrim 3D Landscapes
Catherdral Landscapes
Cathedral Plants
Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers
Cathedral – 3D Thistle
Cathedral – 3D Deathbell
Cathedral – 3D Tundra Cotton
Cathedral – 3D Lavender
Cathedral – 3D Nightshade
Cathedral – Darker Junpers
Cathedral – 3D Clover Plant
Cathedral – 3D Snow Berries
Cathedral – 3D Dragons Tongue
Cathedral – 3D Thicket and Dead Shrub
Hanging moss by Mari
Tree Bark in High Definition
Realistic Aspen Trees SE
Water Plants of Skyrim
Real Cherry Blossom
Natural Waterfalls
Rudy HQ – Falling Leaves and Needles SE
Rudy HQ – Hay SE
Animated Ivy


Cathedral – Luminosity
Enhanced Lights and FX
Lux Orbis
Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows (EVLaS)
EVLaS Skyrim Underside
Smoking Torches and Candles
Cathedral Weathers
Cathedral Weathers MCM
Morning Fogs SSE
Obsidian Mountain Fogs
Skyrim Is Windy


ColdSun’s Pantheon – NPCs Packs 1 through 9 – 90 High Poly Female Replacers
Pantheon – Serana and Valerica – Dark All Day
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Lydia – Replacer
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Valendra – A Valdimar Replacer
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Selects – Narri – Replacer
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Freyda – A Calder Replacer
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Jondralyn – A Gregor Replacer
Bathing Beauties or Beefcake Luxury Suite Female NPCs Deluxe
Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard)
Feminine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard)
Silda and Edda NPC Replacer SSE
Project Cougar – Hilde from Riverwood
Project Cougar – Fralia Greymane
Project Cougar – Olava the (not so) Feeble
Project Cougar – Bergritte Battleborn
Project Cougar – Tilma the (mildly less) Haggard
Project Cougar – Lillith Maiden-Loom
Project Cougar – Grelod the Kind
JK’s High Poly Heads
BB’s The Companions NPC Overhaul Revisited – Men
BB’s Brynjolf Overhaul
BB’s The Rift NPC Overhaul
BB’s Ulfric Stormcloak Revisited
BB’s The Dark Brotherhood NPC Overhaul Revisited
BB’s College of Winterhold NPC Overhaul
BB’s Thieves Guild Complete NPC Overhaul– Males
BB’s Riverwood NPC Overhaul – men
BB’s Whiterun Hold NPC Overhaul – men
Esl Leoni – Faleen replacer
Taranis Collection – Evette San
Drifa from the Pawned Prawn in Riften
Taranis Collection – Ahlam
Taranis Collection – Anska
Taranis Collection – Betrid
Taranis Collection – Valga
aranis Collection – Zaria
Taranis Collection – Vivienne
Taranis Collection – Tova
Taranis Collection – Tekla
Taranis Collection – Pantea
Taranis Collection – Nura Snow-Shod
Taranis Collection – Narri
Taranis Collection – Nenya
Taranis Collection – Listbet
Taranis Collection – Jonna
Taranis Collection – Jala
Taranis Collection – Hamal
Taranis Collection – Greta
Taranis Collection – Gwendolyn
Taranis Collection – Alessandra
Taranis Collection – Avrusa
Taranis Collection – Dravynea
Taranis Collection – Colette
Taranis Collection – Elda Early-Dawn
Taranis Collection – Galathil
Taranis Collection – Alfhild Battle-Born
Taranis Collection – Bodil
Taranis Collection – Eydis
Taranis Collection – Faida
Taranis Collection – Fruki
Taranis Collection – Haran
Taranis Collection – Margret
Taranis Collection – Luaffyn
Taranis Collection – Hermir
Taranis Collection – Niluva
Taranis Collection – Michel
Kerah from Markarth
Taranis Collection – Eydis
Taranis Collection – Erdi
Ghorza gra-Bagol from Markarth
Taranis Collection – Viola
Taranis Collection – Angeline
Taranis Collection – Saffir
Taranis Collection – Brina
Taranis Collection – Abelone
Taranis Collection – Anuriel
Taranis Collection – Bolfrida
Taranis Collection – Dinya
Taranis Collection – Fianna
Taranis Collection – Julienne
Taranis Collection – Kerah
Taranis Collection – Nilsine
Taranis Collection – Anwen
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Selects – Narri – Replacer
Botox for Skyrim
Amber Guard – Botox Patch
Amol Village – Botox Patch
Stonehills – Botox Patch
Greymoor – Botox Patch
Laintar Dale – Botox Patch
New Weynon – Botox Patch
Lainalten – Botox Patch
Oakwood – Botox Patch
Dunpar Wall – Botox Patch
Cracked Tusk Keep – Botox Patch
Granite Hill Village – Botox Patch
Capital Whiterun Expansion – Botox Patch
Riften Extension – Botox Patch


WP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE
Caliente’s Beautiful Body Enhancer
Tempered Skins for Females
Tempered Skins for Males
High Poly Head v1.4
Hvergelmir’s Aesthetics – Brows
KS Hairdos SEE/SMP
The Eyes of Beauty SEE
Expressive Facial Animations
CBPC – Physics with Collisions
JK’s Skyrim – All in One – High Poly Heads and KS Hair
YunDao HDT Wigs and RM Hair SSE 4-9-3


Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE
Heels Sound 1.5 SSE
Music and Dancing in the Luxury Suite SE
Immersive Dragon Sounds -iDS- SSE Port


Alternate Conversation Camera
Relationship Dialog Overhall
Serana Dialog Add-On
Serana Dialogue Add-On Patch Hub
Improved Follower Dialogue – Lydia
Extended Guard Dialogue
Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE
Companions Dialogue Bundle
Vampire Lines Expansion
Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion
Dialogue Expansion – Windhelm
Bandit Lines Expansion
Civil War Lines Expansion
Dialogue Expansion – Shor’s Stone
Follower Dialogue Expansion – Aela the Huntress
Talkative Falmers – Mihail Monsters and Animals (SE-AE version)
Talkative Dragon Priests- Mihail Monsters
Aptrgangr – Draugr Voice Overhaul


Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM
Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K – furniture only
High Poly Project
Immersive HD Banners
ElSopa – Tankard HD
ElSopa HD – Grindstone SE
ElSopa – High Quality Buckets SE
ElSopa – Quivers Redone SE
ElSopa – HD Medieval Anvil SE
ElSopa – Medieval Anvil Embers XD Patch
ElSopa – Potions Redone
ElSopa HD – Unique Hand Painted Road Signs SE
ElSopa HD – Hold Guard Shields SE
ElSopa HD – Glorious Dummies SE
Stroti Workbenches
SD’s Horn Candles
Immersive Tanning Rack Replacer
Rudy HQ – Miscellaneous SE
Realistic HD Food Remastered
New Glazed Pots
Fur Bedroll 4k
A Blacksmith Sign
Small Nordic Tent Replacer
JS Purses and Septims SE
JS Shrines of the Divines SE
JS Instruments of Skyrim
JS Dragon Claws
JS Torture Tools SE
JS Knapsacks SE – 4k
4K SMIM Large Ruins Chest
High-Quality Food And Ingredients
Garlic – A Garlic Mod
Carts HD
Skyland Animated Mead and Ale Bottles
4K Imperial Tents Retexture
Dwemer Pipework Reworked
Dwemer Tech Glowmapped
Pride of the Companions – Shields of Jorrvaskr
Carriages of Skyrim – 2.0
New Nordic Pots
Skulls 2K-8K by iimlenny
New NSFW Statues AIO SE
New Falmer Statue SE
New Gray Fox Bust
New Wispmother
New Dwarven Centurion Female
New Statue of Talos SE
JS Shrines of the Divines SE
Daedric Shrines – All in One
Hanging Dead Animals Replacer-
Snazzy Diverse Carriages
Apiaries Beehive – Retexture
Pillows – My HD version SE by Xtudo


Maximum Carnage
Maximum Carnage All Patched Up
Queen of the Damned – Deadlier Serana_SE
Female Death Animation
Enhanced Blood Textures
Edmond’s Cinematic Dragon Soul Absorption
Heart Breaker – A Killmove Mod SE
Dynamic Impact – Slash Effects X
Precision – Accurate Melee Collisions
SSE Display Tweaks
Eviscerate – Weapons Sounds Redesigned
Seriously Improved Sparks
Pama´s Permanent Crucifixes
Pama´s Deadly Furniture
Toast’s Guro Outfits v2.5
Festus Krex Insideout Spell
Traps NTR(Need Trappy Reality)


TK Dodge
Verolevi’s Animations – All In One (includes:
Goetia Animations – Magic Spell Casting
Goetia Animations – Sneak Magic
Goetia Animations – Conditional Shouts
Geotia Animations – Enchanted Staves
Leviathan Animations II – Sprint
Leviathan Animations II – Female Idle Walk and Run
Leviathan Animations II – Male Idle Walk and Run
Vanargand Animations – Sneak Idle Walk and Run
Vanargand Animations – Crossbow
Vanargand Animations – Archery
Vanargand Animations – Sneak Archery
Vanargand Animations – Sneak Crossbow
Leviathan Animations II – Greatsword Non Combat Locomotion
Leviathan Animations II – Greatsword Low Stance
Leviathan Animations II – Greatsword Normal Attacks
Leviathan Animations II – Greatsword Power and Sprint Attacks
Leviathan Animations II – Greatsword Sneak Locomotion and Attacks
Vanargand Animations – One Handed Mid Stance
Vanargand Animations – One Handed Normal Attacks
Vanargand Animations – One Handed Power Attacks
Vanargand Animations – One Handed Sneak Thrust Attacks
Vanargand Animations – Dual Wield Normal and Power Attacks
Vanargand Animations – Dual Wield Sneak Thrusts
Vanargand Animations – Unarmed Pugilism Stance
VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE
Dynamic Dodge Shot


Strange Runes
Smooth Magic Casting Animation
Namira`s Goat Reborn- SSE
Estrus Chaurus+ V4.390
Bats and Disease
Decapitation Spell
Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic
Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim
Abyssal Tides Magic


AW Male Nord Presets
High Poly Male Nord Presets for Racemenu
True Directional Movement – Modernized Third Person Gameplay
HDT-SMP Physics Racemenu Hairs and Wigs Unisex – Male and Female
Yundao Hair with physics SSE
Dragonborn Voice Over
Geralt DBVO Pack
Positive Undressed Reactions
Goofy Dragonborn Macho Walk


GoT Dragons (Game of Thrones)
Deadly Dragons
Dragon Animation Replace in Special Edition
Nocturnal Moths
Marvelous Mudcrabs
Shiny Horkers
Bears of the North
GOAT HD by Pfuscher
Flying Crows SSE
Realistic Horse Breeds by KrittaKitty
SC Horses – Mane Fix and CC Wild Horses Patch
Wolves of Cyrodiil – Mihail Monsters and Animals
Rabbit Replacer- Mihail Monsters and Animals
Seagulls of Skyrim
Dog to Husky Replacer
Chicken Replacer – Mihail
More Chicken Variants- Mihail Monsters and Animals
Chickens and Chicks- Mihail Monsters and Animals
Mammoth Expansion – Mihail
PSBoss – 2-4k. New Hagraven and Glenmoril Witch
PSBoss – New Female Giant
PSBoss – New Female Draugr
PSBoss – New Night Mother SE
PSBoss – New Shaman Falmer
PSBoss New Spriggans
PSBoss – New Storm Atronach Female
PSBoss – New Frost Atronach Female
New Wispmother
New Dwarven Centurion Female
New Statue of Talos SE
New Flame Atronach
Dwarven Colossus – Mihail Monsters
DRAUGR – retexture
Draugr Patrols and Cavalry
New Dwarven Centurion Female SFW
Handicapped Citizens- Mihail
Skeletons of Daggerfall
Talkative Hagravens – 2023 Halloween Special
Imps and Homonculus
Crows and Ravens
High Clannfears
Havocrels- Mihail Monsters
Grey Children and Weeping Stalkers
Bloody Mammoth Carcasses
Draugr Patrols and Cavalry
Cow Replacer- Mihail Monsters
Hungers- Mihail Monsters
Ravens- Mihail Monsters
Banekins- Mihail Monsters
Weeping Stalkers- Mihail Monsters
Skeletal Vampires- Mihail Monsters
Undead Werewolves – Mihail Monsters
Ancient Skeletons- Mihail Monsters
Zombie Dogs and Skinned Hounds
Water Hags- Mihail Monsters
Foglings- Mihail Monsters
Classic Ghosts- Mihail Monsters
Bogmort – Mud Monsters of Morthal Swamp
Ancient Atmoran Remains
Dwarven Driller- Mihail Monsters
Genesis Unleashed Levelled – Dungeon Spawns and Encounters and Treasure


Animated Ships
Skyrim Ferries
Open Animation Replacer
Paired Animation Improvements
Immersive Interactions – Animated Actions
Animations by Malrama
Animated Potions
New SSE – AE Female Animations Walk – Run With Idle.
Take a Seat – New Sitting Animations
Dragon Animation Replace in Special Edition
Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition
Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition
Sneak Animations.
Shake It SSE – Dance Animations Full Version 4.5
A Skyrim Waltz SE
Catwalk Exaggerated
EVG Conditional Idles
Animation Motion Revolution
EVG Animated Traversal
Conditional Armor Type Animations
Sleeping Expanded – Animations and NPC reactions
Simple Fishing Overhaul – Animations and Improved Quest Dialogue


Neather’s Follower Framework
Wet and Cold SE
My Home is Your Home (MHiYH 2plus) – SSE
I’m Glad You’re Here – a follower and spouse appreciation
Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul
Immersive Wenches
Romance of NPC’s
Dance for me – Dance for you
Keep it Clean – A Bathing Mod
Sun Affects NPC Vampires
Marry Me Serana
Animated Carriage


BB Luxury Suite
Ayleid Palace
Winterstone Castle SE
Azura’s Dawn
Azura’s Dawn Additions
Adrea Abode (with large quest Curse of the Dragonborn King)
Karlov Manor
Karlov Manor – Invite guests and teleport spell
Jakusou Sansou – Player house and Garden like Japanese style


The Kids Are Alright Renewal (visual overhaul)
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
Better Dressed Kids – Willybach Textures Replacer Version
Cheeky Kids


RUSTIC CLOTHING – Special Edition
Apachii Divine Elegance SSE (merchant)
VNDKTR’s Goddess Emporium – Assets
UNP Clothing Merchants SE
ELLE Knight Winds 3BA – BHUNP
BHUNP EGIL General Beatrix
BHUNP Egil’s Demon Hunter
Kozakowy’s Mythic Dawn Priestess Outfit
DX Crimson Blood Armor – UNP
ELLE Bifrost 3BA – BHUNP
[COCO] Witchiness
Apachii Divine Elegance Outfits For Immersive Wenches (SPID)
COCO Deliciously Bride – CBBE-UUNP SE
FB – Witch Slayer Armor 3BA-BHUNP
Heart Bikini
Clockwork Fine Chain – Jewellery Armor
DX Spartan Bard Outfit
DX Merta Black Rose Outfit
DX Stella Mithril Armor – UNP
DX Necromancer Robes – UNP
Haku Wedding Dress – BHUNP – SMP


Guards Armor Replacer
Colovian Prince Set
DCR – King Crusader Mega Pack
DCR – King Crusader Heavy War Regalia
DX Emfy Cleric Outfit – BHUNP
4K Nightingale Armor Redone
League of Assassins Armor
Wolfcry Armor – Standalone
Cloaks of Skyrim (LOTD Display)
DX Succubus Armor
ELLE Knight Winds 3BA – BHUNP


Ars Metallica – Smithing Enchantment
Royal Armory (LOTD Display)
Legendary Alpha Shields 2
Believable weapons
ElSopa – Iron Weapons Redone SE
(over-the-top gore weapons included in various mods)


Dirtyborn Encore SEE/AE (best follower quest mod made. 23,000 lines – 20 quests)
Katana – Journey in the Shadows
Pantheon – Katana and Megara Replacers
Interesting NPC’s (contains 50 quests)
Morgaine – Fully Voiced Standalone Follower
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Legends – Morgaine – Replacer
Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Legends – Sofia – Replacer
Daegon – Standalone Custom Fully Voiced High Elf Follower (original version)
Coldsun’s Deagon Replacer
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Legends – Vayne – The Dunmer Spy
Valentina – Vampire Bloodmage
LamaKreis’s Maidens of Skyrim – Liss (High Poly) Follower CBBE
ColdSun’s Pantheon – Legends – Astara Cosma – Imperial Librarian – Fully Voiced
Jesus in Skyrim (Because my perverted version of Skyrim is in serious need of Jesus)


Belethor’s Sister – Quest
Restoring the Aretino Residence SE
Innocence Lost – Quest Expansion
The Heart of Dibella – Quest Expansion
Paarthurnax Quest Expansion
House of Horrors – Quest Expansion
The Brotherhood of Old – Dark Brotherhood Continued


Regional Merchants – Stalls of Skyrim
Sidequests of Skyrim
Curse of the Dragonborn King (Aedra Abode)
Skyrim Underground
Skyrim Sewers
Wintersun – Faiths of Skyrim
Rigmor of Bruma
Unmarked Locations Pack
Unread Book Glow
Map Markers Complete
Show Player In Menus
A Quality World Map
Sexy Mannequins SSE


[Ashtoreth] Castel Dimirescu SE
Lady Dimitrescu CotR Follower
Elisa Dimitrescu – Daughter Inspired Follower
Daughters of Dimitrescu Outfit – CBBE 3BA
Voira – De-Standalone Vampire Mage Follower
Valestrea- Standalone Vampire Follower


Just Desserts
Burps of Skyrim
Get Out Of My Way – Push NPCs
Animated Fart Shouting
Farts of Skyrim
Old People Sounds All In One
Katana Farts of Skyrim Patch
Farts For Carriages of Skyrim 2.0
Goodnight Skyrim


PLAYTHROUGH (In cuurent build. Several of the mods are used in my normal playthrough – Mostly the gore, magic and weapon mods)

Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium – Addon 1 SeXXX Dialog and more
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium – Addon 2 EXXXtreme Gore
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium – Addon 3 EXXXtras
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Addon 4 EXXXtended Cut
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Addon 5 EXXXpanded Cults
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Addon 6 The Director’s Cut
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Addon 8 Capstone
Namira`s Goat Reborn- SSE
Succubus Twins SE
Time To Eat – Serana
Tabby Kitty – Huntress
Succubus Initiation Ritual
AMI – Armor Mod Integration – COCO Succubus
Astaroth Belcebu Lilith demons followers
Estrus Chaurus+ V4.390
Bats and Disease
Belial Mamon Moloch demons followers
Buxom Wench Yuriana -Tank Healer Support Follower- and
Captured Wenches Quests
Decapitation Spell
Diamond J – Sanguine’s Mistress
Dukkhas Forbidden Death Magic
ESP-FE Servant Priscilla high poly follower healer
Festus Krex Insideout Spell
Harem – Volume 2 – SSE
Harem Followers Volume 3 SSE
Harem Followers Volume 4 SSE
Harem SSE – 18 Followers by Toki7
Kangmina MOD
Daejanggeum Serana by Kangmina
Hellraiser Outfit – CBBE 3BA – BHUNP
Queen of the Damned –
Deadlier Serana_SE
Valeria-Imperial female gladiator
Wammy’s Dread Girl
Naz’s Asset Collection
Daughters of the Daedra Vol. 1
Serana Dead Sexy – SDS Follower Pack 1
Serana Dead Sexy – Succubi for the Dungeon
Serana Dead Sexy – The Horny Succubi Monster Mash
Mommy Bodies HQ 3BA
Sunsakuka Followers BBP SE
Xana the Succubus 3BBB and UNP with Tail and Wings – SMP Physics
Ella- Vampire Follower- Companion
Dark Vampire Mistress Remilia Scarle
Clove – High Poly CBBE 3BA Vampire Follower
Scarlett – Vampire Standalone Follower SE
Daughters Of Bal – Vampire Follower Pack
All Hallow’s Eve – A Halloween Overhaul
A Scarecrow-y Halloween
Lady Arkay De-Standalone (Lady Death)
The Guild – Wild Charge – 3BA BHUNP Default – ESPFE
Flying Mod Beta by porroone
Animated Wings Ultimate
ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 2023
Succubus Explosion Addon v.1.2
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Beautiful Corpses Addon
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Diabloesque Decorations
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Pamas Deadly Furniture Pama´s Deadly Furniture
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Addon 8 Capstone
Serana Dead Sexy – The Prisoner Damsels
The Marrying Kind – Cinderella Renewal Edition
The Marrying Kind – Ceeli Renewal Edition Serana Dead Sexy – The Prisoner Fauvette Fauvette Follower SE
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Beautiful Corpses Addon Guro Outfits
Serana Dead Sexy – Unrelenting Force of Gore Shout
Serana Dead Sexy – The Prisoner
Chainsaw Girl Lollipop Chainsaw Renewal
Serana Dead Sexy – Zombie Girls
Abyssal Tides Magic
Toast’s Guro Outfits v2.5
Serana Dead Sexy – The Prisoner Peyra Lynette Desjardins Follower SE
Serana Dead Sexy – The Prisoner Sissy the Skeleton
Skeleton Sissy Renewal
Serana Dead Sexy – The Lair Maids Battle Maids Renewal SE.7z
Serana Dead Sexy – The Prisoner SP Girls Sucker Punch Renewal SE
Serana Dead Sexy – Devious Remains
Serana Dead Sexy – The BBLS Connection
Serana Dead Sexy – Sinful Stripper Mistie
Black Ooze- Mihail Monsters
Skegul. CBBE 3BA High-poly Head.
Serana Dead Sexy – Sinful Stripper Jasmine Clare Abshire CBBE 3BA
Hungers- Mihail Monsters and Animals
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Sword of Screams
Serana Dead Sexy – Servant of Blood Eerilla Lilly High Poly Follower
Sonna Granour – Altmer Seeker
Kanjs – Pizza Beheader
Serana Dead Sexy – Fiendish Friends – Brunhilda the Butcher Serana Dead Sexy – Fiendish Friends – Little Dead Red
Nyu High Poly Head Follower ESPFE and The Hunted Edition Serana Dead Sexy – Fiendish Friends – Little Dead Red
Mana Vault Follower Resource Pool Serana Dead Sexy –
Sexy Kill Moves
Serana Dead Sexy – Fiendish Friends – Little Dead Red
Serana Dead Sexy – Queen of Screams – The Carnal Compendium –
Bloody Mary Follower
Damsels in Distress


(mods marked with LOTD DISLAY have independent quest mods)
Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches (Official)
Legacy of the Dragonborn Visual Overhaul (NPCs)
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Museum Renovations
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Interesting NPCs Patch
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Creation Club Patch Hub
Legacy of The Dragonborn – Lighting Mod
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Cleaner Display Glass
Legacy of The Dragonborn – Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers Patch
Paintings Replacer for Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Hall of Forgotten (this mod sucks,-too many broken components/patched mods -removed from load order)
Daedric Shrines by Mandragorasprouts – Legacy of the Dragonborn Add-on
Legacy of the Dragonborn Collectors and Vendors
Legacy of the Dragonborn Erikur’s Eviction – The Gallery Gift Shop (LOTD Display)

Legacy of the Dragonborn Safehouse
Legacy of the Dragonborn Safehouse plus
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Followers Patch (Inigo-Auri-Kaidan-Hoth-Lucien-Vilja-Remiel-Redcap) (follower rooms with displays)
Legacy of the Dragonborn – M’rissi Follower Display Patch Room A-
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Shirley Follower Display Patch Room B
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Serana’s Safehouse Room
Legacy of the Dragonborn Private Armory
Inn Soaps Display for Legacy of the Dragonborn (with Display)
Sweets and Such – Baking Expanded SE
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Sweets and Such Patch (Display)
Cloaks of Skyrim (Display)
Additional Hearthfire Dolls (Display)
Skyrim Unique drinks (LOTD Display)


Interesting NPC’s – (LOTD Display)
Bad Gremlins – (LOTD Display)
Amulets of Skyrim SSE – (LOTD Display)
Immersive College of Winterhold
The Fall of Winterhold – (LOTD Display)
Helgen Reborn – (LOTD Display)
Wyrmstooth – (LOTD Display)
Falskaar – (LOTD Display)
Clockwork – (LOTD Display)
Moonpath to Elsweyr (LOTD Display)
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (LOTD Display)
Teldryn Serious – (LOTD Display)
Tournament of 10 Bloods – (LOTD Display)
Moon and Star – (LOTD Display)
Vigilant – (LOTD Display)
Unslaad SE – (LOTD Display)
The Forgotten City – (LOTD Display)
Konahrik’s Accoutrements – (LOTD Display)
Project AHO – (LOTD Display)
Skyrim Underground (LOTD Display)
Skyrims Unique Treasures –(LOTD Display)
Skyrim Sewers 4 (LOTD Display)
Cheesemod for EVERYONE – (LOTD Display)
Legends of Aetherium – (LOTD Display)
The Tools of Kagrenac – (LOTD Display)
Relics of Hyrule SE – A DLC Scale Zelda Mod – (LOTD Display)
The Sinister Seven SSE – (LOTD Display)
Treasure Hunter for SSE – (LOTD Display)
Your Choices Matter – A Dark Brotherhood Expansion SSE (LOTD Display)
The Brotherhood of Old – Dark Brotherhood Continued (LOTD Display)
Undeath Remastered (LOTD Display)
Blackreach Railroad (LOTD Display)
Brhuce Hammar Legacy – Special Edition (LOTD Display)
(add display patch and Curator’s Companion patch)
Aethernautics- A Space Travel Mod (LOTD Display)
The Lost Wonders of Mzark (LOTD Display)
Dwemer Spectres Special Edition – (LOTD Display)
The Wheel of Lull – (LOTD Display) installed save 611
Identity Crisis (LOTD Display)

Vilja in Skyrim (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
Song of the Green (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
M’rissi’s Tails of Troubles SE (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
INIGO (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
Lucien – Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
Remiel-Custom Voiced Dwemer Specialist and Companion (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
Kaidan 2 – (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
Redcap the Riekling – A Fully Voice-Acted Immersive Follower (w/Quest and LOTD Display)
Shirley – A Skyrim Follower Mod (LOTD Display)

Legacy of the Dragonborn – Display Patches (Unofficial)
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Player Homes Displays
Legacy of The Dragonborn – Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers – Player Homes Patch
Wyrmstooth – Brimstone and Wyrmstone Armory (and Legacy of the Dragonborn Display Patch)
Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch – Immersive College of Winterhold
Ice’s Legacy Museum Rack O Matic
Legacy of the Dragonborn – The Sinister Seven Display Patch
Legacy of the Dragonborn Unofficial Unslaad Patch
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Your Choices Matter Dark Brotherhood Unofficial Patch
Legacy of the Dragonborn – The Brotherhood of Old Unofficial Patch
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Blackreach Railroad unofficial patch
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Brhuce Hammar unofficial patch 9000
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Aethernautics unofficial patch
Legacy of the Dragonborn – Lost Wonders of Mzark unofficial patch
Unofficial Identity Crisis LotD Patch


(In current build)

Shadowmans Camilla’s bath – Sexlab and Flower Girls
Shadowmans NPCs 1 – Sigrid NOT cheating
Shadowmans NPCs 3 – Horny MILF Carlotta
Shadowmans NPCs 5 – Perfect Wife Sylgja
Shadowmans NPCs 6 – Betrid the Ex – Sexlab Addon
Shadowmans NPCs 7 – Vex Femdom Goddess
Shadowmans NPCs 10 – Constance Michel Extra gentle
Shadowmans NPCs 11 – Erdi Friendzoned
Shadowmans NPCs 14 – Grelka’s Debts
Shadowmans NPCs 18 – Flirty Courier
Shadowmans NPCs 23 – Elisif the Fairly awkward
Shadowmans NPCs 24 – Laila gets the Law Given
Shadowmans NPCs 25 – Maven a Cougar in Heat
Shadowmans NPCs 27 – Birna’s oddments
Shadowmans NPCs 30 – Noble Vittoria
Shadowmans NPCs 31 – Bite of Alva
Shadowmans NPCs 32 – Faleen carried away
Shadowmans NPCs 33 – Making Illdi Sing
Shadowmans NPCs 34 – Thalmor Ice Queen Mommies
Shadowmans NPCs 35 – Formidable Sybille
Shadowmans NPCs 36 – Passive Aggressive Taarie
Shadowmans NPCs 38 – Uthgerd the unleashed – Sexlab
Shadowmans NPCs 40 – Temba – Sexlab
Shadowmans NPCs 41 – Post fun comments
Shadowmans NPCs 43 – Forgetful Wylandriah
Shadowmans NPCs 44 – Innkeeper Hulda
Shadowmans NPCs 45 – Ysolda’s revenge
Shadowmans NPCs 46 B – Olfina Roasted
Shadowmans NPCs 47 – GILF Anise
Shadowmans NPCs 49 – Simping for Astrid
Shadowmans NPCs 50 – Work as a Guard
Shadowmans – An Evening With Angi
Shadowmans Voices 4 – The tormented Nun
Shadowmans – Make any woman Pole Dance shout
Shadowmans Make any woman have fun shout
Shadowmans The Loyal Maid
Shadowmans -Grind any woman shout
Shadowmans -Make any female striptease shout
Shadowmans- Get ignored by any woman shout
Shadowmans- Realistic female pooping shout
Shadowmans Provocative Dance Shout
Shadowmans Voices 6 – The reliant babysitter
Make every female flip the bird shout
Spank any woman’s butt Shout
Fondle any woman’s soft pillows
Shadowmans Voices 5 – The dedicated Personal Assistant
Ballroom Dancing
No Collision Between Actors SSE
Prone passion with any woman shout
Make any woman sit on your face shout
Shadowmans Voices 1 – My friend’s hot mom
Sieglinde – Sswaye’s mom – Companion
The Caring Nurse
Immersive wenches – Sexlab patch
ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 2023
FG Adventures
More Adventures for Flower Girls
More Adventures for Flower Girls – Sexlab Patch
Amorous Adventures
Erotic Adventures of Misty Sky
Dynamic Cumshots
SexLab Eager NPCs
SexLab Framework
Flower Girls
Animation Selector for FlowerGirls
Vilja – Sexlab patch
Azura’s Dawn Add-on – Sexlab
Mrissi – Sexlab and Flower Girls Add-on
Lilissa the Druid – Flower Girls Add-on
Rigmor of Bruma – Sexlab Patch
Sofia – Sexlab and Flower girls Add-on
Lilissa the Druid – Sexlab Add-on
Misty Skye – Sexlab Addon
Sidequests of Skyrim – Flower Girls Patch