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Be Healthier, Naturally

Be Healthier, Naturally

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Genre: Fitness & Dieting

Become aware of some symptoms and causes of health issues before they become severe. This information will encourage you to re-evaluate your lifestyle and begin some changes if you need to do so. So many issues can be reversed. Pay attention to what your body tells you! Take control of your health, and if you have a health issue, don't panic. Many of the symptoms listed in this book are warning signs, and the body is infinitely adaptable. I don't expect anyone to change overnight. Make a few changes; get used to them and then try some more. Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed-simply do the best you can. Everything you do to change your health will be "good enough." Don't ever put yourself down for not changing or achieving a health goal. You may feel like changing a health habit is too much work, or you may get off track sometimes, but guess what? You're human. The important idea to keep in mind is that you will simply try again, or try something different while you keep getting healthier, naturally.

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