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Kidney Disease: Now What?
$14.95 - $24.95eBook: $6.99
Genre: Medical
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle
ISBN: 9798860452343

Unique Perspectives from a Physician, a Transplant Recipient, and a Man of Faith.

About the Book

In the past, most people haven’t realized they are suffering from kidney disease until the damage is far-advanced. Then the only treatment options are the extremes of permanent dialysis or kidney transplantation. Historically, treating physicians expended only minimal effort to identify kidney dysfunction in its early phases. Very few options existed that could modify an otherwise inexorable downhill course.

But things have changed. A wide variety of treatment options are now available to slow this steady decline in kidney function. Many of these interventions are new. Some are well-proven, some not so much. For those people with kidney disease and those people at risk – those with high blood pressure, those with diabetes, those with a family history of kidney disease – this is a new era. And as is true in so many aspects of life, in kidney disease as well, knowledge is power.

In this compendium, Dr. Mark Wedel lays out all those options, their ups and downs, their benefits and their risks. As a physician who mentors kidney transplant patients and is a kidney transplant recipient himself, Dr. Wedel sees kidney disease from both sides of the examination table. From meditation to marijuana to medicines old and new, this book is like sitting down with your best friend or brother and getting advice, encouragement, and cheer. View the buffet table of available options and then work with your most trusted physician to tailor-make your own treatment path forward. A more hopeful era is dawning. Let’s go greet the sun.