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William Shea (W.S.) Hendrichovsky lives in Memphis, TN . He attended Bishop Byrne High School in Whitehaven community. Hendrichovsky studied at Northwest Community College and The University of North Alabama focusing on P.E. and History. He now enjoys writing along with supporting his two kids in various athletics events.

The Retribution at Peckerwood Lake

The Retribution at Peckerwood Lake

$14.95 - $19.95eBook: $4.99

After a botched attempt to remove a curse from four innocent clients, Phyllis Ann Porre, the Great Voodoo Queen from New Orleans, is guilt-ridden and unable to forgive herself. For the first time in her forty-plus-year career, a case ended with the death of her clients. Phyllis Ann contemplates retirement from the paranormal and supernatural investigations.

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