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I Was Ok, As Promised

I Was Ok, As Promised

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Karla and Lila are teen sisters growing up on the Eastside of Atlanta during the 1990's crack epidemic. They are the daughters of a mother affected by the epidemic. After their mother mysteriously disappears, no father around and having to be raised by an older woman that goes by the name, Mama B, the girls have to learn and fight hard to maneuver and succeed in life and not follow in their mother's footsteps or fall into the traps that surround them. A very strong-minded Karla is determined to carry both her and her older sister Lila through high school, college, and into a successful life beyond what they know. Chasing those goals, she meets an interesting soul from the streets of Miami, an actual rival city to the Atlanta streets in those days. They develop a very strong and interesting connection over time that is filled with many surprises. Both girls will come face to face with heartache and many challenges, making their story one of the most unforgettable tales deriving from the urban streets of Atlanta.

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