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Priya Pasumarthy is an award-winning author of Our little Promise (2022) and Halloween At Luke’s (2019) and resides in the Bay Area, California with her family. She won the Five Star Review Award (2023), Purple Dragonfly Awards for Our Little Promise(2022) & Royal Dragonfly awards for Halloween At Luke’s(2019). She holds a Master of Science degree in Marine Biology. She loves adventures; so far, her favorites include bungee jumping in New Zealand and hiking the Hverfjall Volcano in Iceland. Her hobbies include reading and horse riding.

Priya’s articles have been published in The Outlook(2023), VoicesFA22 zine, Parenting Special Needs, Mom’s Choice Awards & Exceptional Needs Today Magazines. (# The Role of Respect in Relationships, # My Grandma’s House, # Fruits & Nuts Muffins, # Icelandic Memory Lane, # Keys to Autism: Self, #The Paramount role of Understanding in the Autism Journey,# The Power of Attitude & Beliefs in IEP, # SGDs: Helper or Impeder? # The Connection Between Fidelity and IEPS, # Special Education in the U.S.A and # Becoming a Warrior for Someone You Love with Autism.)

Halloween at Luke’s: Togetherness is Happiness

Halloween at Luke’s: Togetherness is Happiness

$9.95 - $14.95eBook: $3.99

Lyda and Tom decorate their house with colored lights, skulls and Jack-o-Lanterns for the Halloween. They dreamt that their friends visited them and together went out for Trick or Treating at Hemway Street.

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