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Patricia was born and raised in Stamford Connecticut. She learned to read at the age of four. Her father and longtime hero, encouraged her to always follow her heart and to do the things that she loved doing. One of those things was reading famous quotations from a book he gave to her and listening to song lyrics that stirred emotions at a heartfelt level.

She attended and graduated Rippowam High School, where at that time, Mrs. Kingston the head of the English Department discovered Patricia had a great deal of potential as a writer. Without any hesitation, Mrs. Kingston enrolled her into a creative writing class where she studied the various forms of writing. Always an unconventional thinker, Patricia loves the emotional and metaphoric freedom of expression poetry has to offer. She took her poetic license and began writing from the heart at an early age. When friends and family encouraged her to share her poems with others, she decided to publish her “Heart Song”. With the hope that at least one poem or thought might touch the reader’s heart the same way they touched hers.

Heart Song: The Memoirs of a Poet

Heart Song: The Memoirs of a Poet

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Genre: Poetry

The six sections found in Heart Song express genuine emotions we all experience or can relate to. The Author poetically touches on topics of relationships, loss, nature, and true love that transcend time and space, venturing out to seek the hearts of others and challenges the reader to look within their own heart. Boldly and beautifully addressing controversial topics such as; the atrocities of the holocaust, human nature and the plight of the homeless as well as the sensitive issue of abortion by gently speaking directly to the heart of the mother and her unborn child.

Rest in Peace, Patricia. We all miss you at Empire Publishing.

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