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Julie K. Wood is the Author and Founder of Pooks, Boots and Jesus. The company is based on her book series and teaches the word of God in a new and fresh way. Julie was a top award-winning officer in the United States Air Force. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and a Master of Arts in Education Curriculum and Instruction. She used her education and skills to become a successful flight commander, leading her team for eight and a half years. She loved serving her country and was selected to the rank of Major. She separated from the Air Force when she married her beloved husband, Michael J. Wood, who was an Air Force flight surgeon and now works at Kennedy Space Center for NASA as an Aerospace Medicine Physician for the astronauts. Julie knows her background as an officer was not the final plan God had for her. She now serves the Lord full time with Pooks, Boots and Jesus.

She would love to see you connect with Pooks, Boots and Jesus on their Facebook page at You can also visit their website at

Pooks and Boots Meet Jesus

Pooks and Boots Meet Jesus

$11.45 - $14.95eBook: $4.99

Pooks and Boots, two adorable kitties, were lost in the cold wilderness. They meet a new friend that they named Bandit. Together they learn how to survive and were rescued. Pooks and Boots eventually find a warm loving home where they meet Jesus! They learn that when they help others, they are helping Him.

The story is based on the Bible verse Matthew 25:34-40. The story uses this verse to teach children when they help those in need, they are helping Jesus. Children will also learn during this adventurous story that Jesus is much stronger and better than any superhero they know, and He is real and can live inside them! The story has an amazing ending and impactful message that all will love!

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