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Dan Orrock just published his first book, “The One Slap Rule, New Rules For a Happier Society”.

“Laughter is just something that we all grew up with in the Orrock household. My father and his two brothers were just hilarious and always a whole lot of fun. Humor has always been in our DNA”. Dan Orrock

Dan resides in Northern California with his beautiful wife, Jeanie. In his career working for the State of California Dan, as often as possible, used humor to interact with others and to create a less toxic environment.

He co-managed a youth diversion program that assisted misguided young men and women in finding the right path through better decision making. He learned a lot by simply listening to the stories of those young people.

He is also an aspiring musician who plays guitar, attempts to sing, writes songs, and enjoys many different music genres.

Dan and Jeanie have four hardworking children and are the proud “Papa” and “Gramma” of four wonderful grandchildren, with one on the way.

Dan also believes that Salami, Pizza, and Bacon all descended from heaven. LOL!!

The One Slap Rule: New Rules for a Happier Society

The One Slap Rule: New Rules for a Happier Society

$8.79eBook: $3.99

Laughter. It's something that we all enjoy. Rudeness. It's something that we all hate.

The One Slap Rule, New Rules for a Happier Society, is both thought-provoking and hilarious. In a world full of rudeness and aloofness, The One Slap Rule offers grand solutions that may cause snickers and loud belly laughs. Have you ever imagined slapping some sense into that obnoxious, inconsiderate jerk in your life? Have you ever wished that there was a great way to teach some badly needed manners right on the spot, without penalty? A One Slap society is certainly based in fantasy, but it is a blast to imagine.

The One Slap Rule addresses the irritants and the rudeness in our society with humor, wit, and humanity; things that we can all appreciate. Enter the One Slap Society and let your imagination run wild with slaps, smirks, and some good doses of reality. Let's have a ball!

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