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Blair Smith is a retired Navy Pilot and flew for Delta Air Lines prior to the events on 9-11. He has flown all over the world and has seen and experienced more in one lifetime than many could ever experience in ten lifetimes. He has preserved his memory to positive thinking and even despite many atrocities in this world Blair can always find the positive light. He expresses himself in this manner in Poetry and his work may be used in Literary College Classes.

The one message Blair hopes to convey to his readers is that Peace on Earth is something that is a possibility, in his own words Blair said, “Nothing has gotten man into more trouble than human certainty. We have been at war for centuries over our human certainties and continue to kill off each other over our need to be right about our certainties, our need to be certain over our religions, and our certainty in our forms of Government. For it is between the roots of human certainty that lies man’s greatest battlefield. Human certainty like all closed belief systems prevents the possibility of greater universal truths. I am for greater universal truths and for the possibility that peace on Earth is a reality we all can achieve together by letting go of our certainties.”

The Poems

The Poems

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Genre: Poetry

These free verse "poems" do not follow the traditional requirements of rhyme and meter. My sense is that, in the end, content out surpasses form. Initially, my intent was to create a "thought heirloom" for my children and their progeny in hope that future family souls I may never meet or know might at least know me through my writings. Early on, I started sharing "the poems" with my brother Clark and then, with his encouragement, began to share them with my super kids, Kiera, Jake and Trent. Then, thanks to their positive reaction, I took a leap of faith and posted a few on Facebook and sent a wider sample to close friends. Once again, I was encouraged by positive feedback all around which led me to broaden my thoughts to include publishing "the poems" for general consumption. Thank you in advance for reading them. I sincerely hope you take away a thought or two that will add to your life.Recurring themes include the folly of "Human Certainty" and my urge to always keep questioning; the absolute need for inner balance brought by continual cultivation of "Emotional Intelligence"; the human disregard for and rape of "Mother Earth" and the urgency to heal our womb of life; and, occasional "Sprinklings of Humor" and "Irony" for after all, man has proven to be both funny haha and funny peculiar. - Blair Smith

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