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Richy Knight: The Composition

Richy Knight: The Composition

$22.73 - $24.95
Series: Richy Knight, Book 1
Genres: Magical Realism, Young Adult

Welcome to the magical and bizarre world of Richy Knight. Come inside and take a madcap journey to faraway lands, travel through space and time, and enter into other dimensions as Richy Knight encounters monstrous creatures, beautiful mummies, witches and warlocks. Richy is chosen for something unknown and far greater than being just a normal kid. He is given a magic crystal to help him along the way. Richy Knight, along with his close friends, and Aspar, the talking cat who has magical powers and a unique sense of humor, set out to find the Book of Magic and learn its hidden secrets. Galina Evangalista is a renowned artist who is famous for her exact replica paintings such as the Mona Lisa. Her style is realistic and evidenced in her academic renaissance approach. She favors 16th to 19th-century fine art, which includes styles from artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Rembrandt, David, Leighton, and Bouguereau. She has belonged to art societies and has many awards to her credit. Galina has expanded into the realm of literature and has authored six books. This book series include original artwork by Galina to illustrate the weird and whimsical world of Richy Knight.

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