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The One Forgotten

The One Forgotten

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Lord Jesus Christ made Mary Magdalene THE APOSTLE OF THE APOSTLES. Why did Paul not even mention Mary's name in his writings? This book answers that question, and much more. Twelve years ago I decided to read a book about the story of Mary Magdalene. From which that led me directly to write this book. To read, The One Forgotten by Brother Ernesto Erisnor, is a mind-stretching experience due to the controversy we have today about Christianity; a life history movement that had started by a strong woman name Mary Magdalene and some other Disciples of Christ. Mary Magdalene had the ability, faith, patience, and courage despite the fact of what happened to Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost promoted her from a simple servant to be leading the disciples soon after Christ died. Brother Ernesto Erisnor has written this passed account simply that you could understand what really happened at the beginning of the movement Christianity.

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