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Genres: LGBTQ, Religious Faith
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2024
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle

Making the permanent decision to walk away from one lifestyle and step into another can be extremely challenging and fearfully unfamiliar, but when you decide to no longer conform to this world and choose to live your life for Christ, you will discover a renewing of your mind, which will bring about a change in the way you think, and soon after, your behavior will follow.

About the Book

Making the permanent decision to walk away from one lifestyle and step into another can be extremely challenging and fearfully unfamiliar, but when you decide to no longer conform to this world and choose to live your life for Christ, you will discover a renewing of your mind, which will bring about a change in the way you think, and soon after, your behavior will follow.

Suddenly, as you walk along your new journey, you discover what the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God is for your life. You must trust the process as God leads you through uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and at times, terrifying new territories in your life. As true Christians, we must remember that we walk by faith and not sight. We must trust the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding. We must acknowledge Him in all our ways, and He will direct our path.

If He can do it for me, He can do it for you too.

Just trust Him!

God inspired Lori Ellen Dillard to write Transformation to help people who don't understand homosexuality or their homosexual feelings. She also hoped to convey her personal experiences as she moved from homosexual to heterosexual. She feels "healed and delivered" by God and wants to encourage others who have similar happenings to seek answers in God's love and scripture. She describes generational difficulties, her commitment to the church, and idol worship in a relationship. Dillard touches on instances where she may have been approached by angels and her reactions to the events. With a focus on forgiveness and supporting biblical scriptures, Dillard details her past and the choices and events that led her from feeling broken to living as a happy and content heterosexual woman. Lori Ellen Dillard's book is her personal story she shares with the world to help others. Dillard's book covers confusing stereotypes and the misunderstandings and hardships that may follow when a person tries to live authentically. My heart broke as she described her youthful notions and assumptions and couldn't communicate them. Dillard speaks conversationally about her experiences, revealing her testimony layer by layer. Her words made me feel as if we were sharing a friendly exchange in her home as she discussed her challenges and successes. Hope echoes through the chapters, and I think it's important to keep an open mind as you read her important points. Transformation could benefit readers who are having trouble with their sensitivities and need validation to keep them on their God-designed path.
– Courtnee Turner Hoyle for Readers’ Favorite
Transformation is a work of non-fiction in the autobiographical writing, Christian lifestyle, and memoir genres. Penned by author Lori Ellen Dillard, this interesting work chronicles the author’s journey of leaving a homosexual lifestyle to embrace a life dedicated to Christ. The book explores the challenges of such a transition, emphasizing the importance of renewing one's mind and behavior through faith. Dillard shares her personal experiences and insights, highlighting the process of understanding and living according to God's will. By trusting in God's guidance and walking by faith, she illustrates how profound changes and healing are possible, encouraging readers to rely on divine support for their own transformations. Author Lori Ellen Dillard has crafted a reflective reading experience that gives a lot of insight into a very specific perspective but expands on this to offer a wider viewpoint for Christian living. Dillard’s candid recounting of her transitioning lifestyle and her relationship with her faith was both personal and powerful, and the author certainly holds nothing back in a raw, honest tone. Her emphasis on the mental and behavioral transformation through faith was well-realized to illustrate the challenges and rewards that such a profound change has brought to her. Dillard's confident and clear narrative makes light work of complex topics, explaining in simple terms the idea of navigating unfamiliar and often uncomfortable territories with unwavering faith. Her message that true transformation comes from trusting God's plan and not leaning on one's own understanding offers an original, fresh perspective on spiritual growth and healing. Overall, Transformation will suit a lot of Christian readers seeking to make changes in their own lives and offers a testament to the power of faith in finding divine purpose.
– K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
Transformation by Lori Ellen Dillard is a deeply personal and thought-provoking autobiography that unveils the author's thirty-year journey of living a homosexual lifestyle and finding deliverance through faith in Jesus Christ. This is both a guide and a proclamation of faith, aiming to offer hope and understanding to those struggling with same-sex attraction, as well as their families and supporters. Dillard’s narrative is marked by pivotal moments of self-discovery and faith. One of the most impactful lessons from her story is the emphasis on the transformative power of faith. She describes her path to healing as renewing her mind through Christ, underlining the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus in overcoming personal struggles. The book critiques harmful historical attempts like conversion therapy, advocating instead for a compassionate, faith-based approach rooted in biblical teachings. A significant part of Dillard’s journey involved struggling with her identity and societal labels. From an early age, she felt an intense discomfort with her female identity, which she later understood as gender dysphoria. This internal conflict was compounded by societal expectations and her masculine inclinations, leading her to careers and hobbies that aligned more closely with her internal sense of self. Dillard’s narrative highlights the importance of rejecting societal norms and embracing one's unique path, irrespective of gender stereotypes. The author also examines the dynamics of familial relationships, particularly in the chapter “Lessons from My Father.” Dillard reflects on her painful yet formative relationship with her father, whose emotional abuse and alcoholism left lasting scars. Her journey toward forgiveness and understanding her father’s troubled past is delivered gracefully. Transformation by Lori Ellen Dillard is an inspiring book that follows the author’s transformation journey while providing wisdom for readers struggling with homosexual urges.
– Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite
Transformation: My Story and Insight into the Complexity, Healing, and Deliverance of Homosexuality by Lori Ellen Dillard is a profoundly personal and evocative autobiography that navigates the challenging journey of moving from one lifestyle to another in pursuit of spiritual fulfillment and personal transformation. Dillard’s narrative is an intimate testament to her faith-driven journey. Dillard's account is compelling in its honesty and vulnerability. She recounts her life with unflinching detail, sharing the struggles and triumphs accompanying her decision to leave behind a lifestyle she felt was not aligned with her faith. The central theme revolves around the profound transformation that Dillard experiences as she embraces Christianity more fully, highlighting the inner conflict and societal pressures she faces along the way. One of the most impactful elements is Dillard’s emphasis on renewing the mind, as referenced in Romans 12:2. She describes how this spiritual renewal gradually altered her thought patterns and, consequently, her behavior. This transformation is not an overnight change but a process marked by faith, perseverance, and the gradual unfolding of a new understanding of her identity and purpose. Dillard also shares her emotional and psychological journey, providing insights into the nature of human sexuality and the challenges of aligning personal beliefs with lived experiences. Her narrative is not just about the rejection of a former lifestyle but about a holistic transformation that encompasses emotional healing and spiritual deliverance. Transformation is written with ruthless honesty in a powerful and captivating voice. The book is both an autobiography and a guide, encouraging readers to trust their spiritual journey, embrace change, and seek understanding and deliverance through faith. Lori Ellen Dillard's Transformation is filled with light, faith, and love.
– Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite
Transformation: My Story and Insight into the Complexity, Healing, and Deliverance of Homosexuality by Lori Ellen Dillard is a profoundly introspective and compelling narrative that offers insights into the journey of self-discovery, faith, and transformation. Drawing from her own experiences, Dillard shares her struggle with same-sex attraction with grace, compassion, and unwavering honesty. This book describes Dillard's journey of handling her sexuality and ultimately finding healing and deliverance through her relationship with Jesus Christ. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and compassion, urging readers to approach the topic of homosexuality with empathy rather than condemnation. Dillard critiques past approaches, such as conversion therapy, highlighting the harm they often inflicted due to a lack of understanding. The narrative examines Dillard's upbringing within the Pentecostal Church in the Black community, portraying both the enriching aspects of community and tradition and the challenges posed by a strict religious culture. Through vivid storytelling, the author paints a picture of the suffocating atmosphere created by fear-inducing sermons and stringent behavioral codes, which left her feeling alienated and unable to express her true self. One of the most poignant aspects of Dillard's journey is her reconciliation of faith and sexuality. She candidly reflects on her internal conflict, torn between societal expectations and her desires, yet she ultimately finds solace and healing in embracing her true identity. Dillard's narrative is a testimony of the power of faith, a story with strong psychological underpinnings. From exploring her relationships with her parents to discussing the labels and personality influences, this author helps readers understand the issue of same-sex attraction and how to overcome it. The book is chock full of advice and wisdom for readers. Transformation extends beyond personal reflection to offer guidance and support for individuals struggling with homosexuality and those seeking to support loved ones in similar situations. Dillard emphasizes the importance of starting the transformation journey with Jesus Christ, advocating for a message of love, acceptance, and forgiveness within religious communities. Lori Ellen Dillard’s book is a gift of love that should be shared. It celebrates the transformative power of grace while showing readers the path to true freedom.
– Christian Sia