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Don’t Judge Me Unless You’ve Walked In My Shoes: My Private Storms
$19.00eBook: $8.99
Series: John Wooden, Book 1
Genres: Christian Living, Inspiration & Spirituality
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback, Kindle
ISBN: 9798511842844

This book is designed to help people overcome and last through their INTERNAL STORMS. People often see us, but they don't really understand what we are going through.

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About the Book

This book is designed to help people overcome and last through their INTERNAL STORMS. People often see us, but they don’t really understand what we are going through.

After reading this book, you will be able to hold your head up again.

Everything that was designed to BREAK YOU, ONLY MADE YOU BETTER! Your testimony is going to change the world.

Have you ever been sexually violated?
Do you find yourself fighting for your identity?
Has anger and bitterness almost consumed you?
Have you dealt with rejection?
Did you think your situation or circumstances were going to take you out?
Have you wondered how to handle losses?
Are you literally fighting for your life?
Have you been a victim of an abusive relationship?
Have you ever battled with shame and disgrace?
Do you have an addiction or wrestle that is about to take you under?
Are you still grieving over loved ones without closure?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, this book will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER.

About the Author
John Wooden

I was born on May 07, 1966 in Bainbridge, Georgia -Decatur County. I am the son of the late Mr. Arthur Dean Wooden and the late Mrs. Willie Mae Wooden. I share a thirty-five year dating and marriage relationship with my lovely wife, Deborah A Wooden. We have two awesome daughters- Chelsea Nichole Wooden and Shannon Vivian Rodgers. I am the proud grandfather to Landon John Denton.

I am passionate about my purpose because I watched my mother struggle as a single parent when my dad departed and left her with six boys and one girl to raise alone. My mother had to go on welfare and disability, but she was determined to provide me and my siblings with the proper upbringing.

When I graduated from high school in 1986, there was no money reserved or saved for me to go to college. Therefore, I worked two years as a custodian to pay for my Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Bainbridge Junior College. I worked another two years as a paraprofessional to pay my way through college earning dual bachelor degrees in Marketing and Management from Valdosta State University. i received three years of Biblical Training through Florida Baptist Bible College in Graceville, Florida (an affiliate of New Orleans Theological Baptist College) I was never privileged to stay on a college campus. However, I was the first of my sibling to ever complete a college degree. I furthered my education by receiving a Masters of Science in Administration and an Educational Specialist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Nova Southeastern University.

My personal journey has been CHALLENGING and REWARDING, but my message to everyone is simply, "NEVER STOP DREAMING!" DREAMING is the first step! Establishing a plan and executing it with fidelity are the next critical steps towards success. Because of my background and struggles, I would statistically be considered a HIGH RISK FOR FAILURE. I defied the statistics and beat the odds by the GRACE OF GOD!

I answered the calling to ministry when I was in my Junior Year of High School. I entered into public education in August of 1997. However, prior to my roles as a business education teacher, career counselor, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent within the Decatur County School District, I had previously served as a custodian and paraprofessional for approximately 6 years. I also spent four years on the local Board of Education for the Decatur County Schools from 1992-1996.

I have dedicated 34 years of my life to pastoral ministry and 30 years to public education. I recently retired from public education in June 2020. My goal is to continue to make a profound impact through speaking, writing, preaching, and lecturing.

I plan to continue to write other books about my personal and professional journeys with the hopes of INSPIRING OTHERS TO KEEP PURSUING PURPOSE.