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Count It All Joy
$17.95 - $24.95eBook: $6.99
Genres: Crime Drama, Suspense Thriller, Urban Life Fiction
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle
ISBN: 9781088249567

With a name like Joy, you'd think her life would have been full of love and happiness. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Joy never lets herself become a victim, she becomes the villain instead.

About the Book

With a name like Joy, you’d think her life would have been full of love and happiness. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, she was born into dysfunction and was taught to live a life of trife. Being born to a teenage prostitute and a wanna-be pimp that turned drug addict, she’s pretty much been through it all. This young girl has an unhealthy, tumultuous lifestyle that constantly gets her caught up in drama and madness. From beginning to end there’s drama, betrayal, heartache, grief and pain but Joy Banks will always persevere. The death of her mother left her damaged, but she has seven younger siblings to look out for, she can’t break. It doesn’t matter how far she has to go, or what she has to do, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her family is straight. From prostitution to murder, from prisoner to business owner, Joy may lose it all, but she will always bounce back and come out on top. Time and time again she tries to change but the streets keep calling her name. Molested, raped, stabbed, beaten and left for dead, Joy never lets herself become a victim, she becomes the villain instead.

This book packs a punch! Joy Banks was the oldest of eight children and lived a lifetime by twelve years old. The writer snatches you into Joy’s world and won’t turn you loose. If you like a hard, edgy read, then Count It All Joy is definitely for you.
– Brandi Weintraub
If you’re looking for a seat grabber, Count It All Joy made the cut, it’s a must read. This book was interesting from the beginning to the end, chapter after chapter this young girl had drama going on. I like how she kept on going and going like the energizer bunny. Joy was fierce and relentless.
– LaTraya Kelly
This book was filled with raw emotions and life experiences that many people face. I was immediately connected to the characters and didn’t want to put the book down. After reading Joy’s story, I was full of emotions, but reminded that in life you must always persevere. Joy was strong and feisty; I really liked her character and look forward to reading more about her life, I’m ready for part two.
– Temeka Penick
About the Author
Denina Denard

Denina Denard was born in Oakland California and predominantly raised in Sacramento California by a wonderful, hardworking, single mother of five. She is a very proud mother of three, a foster parent, author, poet, event planner and travel agent. Being a middle child, she used writing as an outlet to escape the household madness. She attributes her love for writing to an older cousin who taught her how to read and write by playing school at the tender age of four. Denina has a great love for family and a very special place in her heart for children. She hopes that her writing and artistry will inspire others to always persevere in life no matter the obstacles. Sky is the limit, so reach for the stars!