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My Best Short Stories

My Best Short Stories

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1.A story of a young woman who goes to the park to think about what her purpose is and finds it in a way that is more than what she expected.2.A story of a peaceful planet in a different dimension that got taken over by a man called Donal Trump. That is when spiritual slavery started. Now it was up to Crystal to restore back her planet.3.Once upon a time, In New York, there lived the most famous, dangerous and richest gang. They did all crimes and charged others to show them how to get away with crimes.4.A young boy forced to live in the most dangerous streets of Jamaica soon finds himself leading the gang of the most dangerous killers until it ends and he is sent to a illegal prison ship. 5.God is evil. 6. A 21 year old man called Owen is hanging out by the ports one late night and is kidnapped to be a slave until one day he is left with two choices: stay a slave or become owner of slaves.7.Someone who puts on her earphones and plays her music and starts to daydream of a fantasy far far away.8.A story of a chemist who makes drugs and takes this girl on a trip of a lifetime. Many more stories..

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