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Valerie Hooper was born in Florida 1961 to Donald and Arleen Hooper an elder couple that never expected to start a new family. She learned early in life to speak her mind, and laugh from her heart. Valerie has a unique way of communicating to all ages of life. Becoming a musician at an early age helped to develop her flavor and style. Being a wife of an illegal Mexican and mother of four helped to develop the art of creative communication.
Fast witted and off the wall humor, Valerie quickly assumes leadership roles in the retail industry, as well as the many adventures of life and survival even under stressful times, she finds a way to see the humor in life, and she applied herself and her light-hearted qualities in writing this book. Her bigger than life personality comes to light in her writing style and now she entertains fans on her blog sharing her amazing stories and awkward scenarios, with her classic sense of humor.

God Lives in The Toilet: Deep Thoughts from the Bathroom

God Lives in The Toilet: Deep Thoughts from the Bathroom

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Genre: Humor

The following manuscript is based on actual events that have taken place over many a year with me. Sharing my little moments in time and learning to laugh at one’s self is the best medicine or antidote life can offer. “God lives in The Toilet” is strictly a metaphor to finding a moment’s piece of mind. One day at a time or moment, as I say, can make the difference to us all. I hope you enjoy and laugh from constipation to learning to live all over again with my white fantasy family. You’re in for a good ride my friends. Hang on it’s gonna get bumpy. Keep in mind that my dialect is part of my style of writing, it brings flavor to the stories. Enjoy a moment’s piece. Okay, maybe more like a roll on the floor with me as I take you into my bathroom and share the Good News. “God lives in The Toilet” will stand out in the open market from a promotional concept; capturing all ages’ - young and old. Marketing the title is a powerhouse. Grabs one’s imagination, and draws them in. The humor that within leads them down a path of moments in time all can relate to and gives the reader a concept of sharing life and all its embarrassing moments with love and laughter.

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