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Ryan D. Patterson Sr. lives in sunny Las Vegas. He is a Father of 5 Adult Children. Writing books and poems became his passion early in life while serving in the Military. As an addicted sports fanatic, he enjoys traveling and playing softball. Being a dedicated Father and now having adult Children he is now able to dedicate his time to writing and publishing his works.

Seven Days

Seven Days

$12.95 - $18.95eBook: $4.99

Seven Days by Ryan D. Patterson Sr. is the love story of a young couple, Daniel and Diane, who are preparing for their wedding day. On the day of the wedding, amid final plans and jitters, Diane leaves the house to oversee the final preparations for the wedding but doesn't return. Upon watching the news, Daniel learns of a truck that overturned in a tunnel, and there have been several fatalities, but the police can't release any names.

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