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Rose Donato, has devoted 26 years to animal activism. She is a health and fitness professional, life coach, 26-year vegan and entrepreneur. Rose has studied nutrition for over 20 years, including Cornell’s Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Course. She has over 11 years of professional fitness experience. She is a Certified Master Fitness Trainer. As an athlete, vegan bodybuilder and fitness competitor she has competed in numerous sporting events including marathons and Ms. Universe Fitness.

Her story, in a nutshell after becoming vegan 26 years ago she dedicated herself to helping the innocent animals that have no voice. Since then she has committed herself to fight for them. She has done numerous activities involving animal activism and to this day always trying to do more. This book aims to help the animals by reaching a wide audience and leaving an impression on your heart. Animals want to live, and we do not need to harm them for any reason. Rose has devoted over a decade of her life to helping people in health and fitness, while trying to inspire them with plant-based nutrition.

Her greatest message to the world is you can have muscles without hurting or exploiting animals –– her motto is “Meat Free Muscles”. She works extremely hard on this motto for the animals, staying disciplined and dedicated when it comes to getting her exercise daily. She has created an active fitness line called “Plant Strong Body”, with the purpose to show compassion and spread awareness for veganism. She also has a small online inspirational jewelry store promoting veganism and fitness which donates to most of the animal sanctuaries, until she has her own. She has always believed that success will not come to those who quit, and her goals include helping others reach their goals, as well as to save animals.

No Bull: Vegan & Fitness for Beginners

No Bull: Vegan & Fitness for Beginners

Genre: Vegan Cooking

Why go vegan? Why not? There are many reasons to go vegan, and one reason is so you can live a healthier and compassionate life! "No Bull" makes a case for veganism truthfully and bluntly with no sugar coating. Within these pages, you will find everything you need to know when you begin your vegan journey, including how to transition and remain on course.

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