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Lisa Walker was born and raised in Navarro County, but now resides in the small town of Jacksonville Texas with her husband. Lisa is a lover of fiction novels and a hopeless romantic which gave her a passion for writing. However Lisa could never find time to write a book because she worked a full time job and raised three girls, but her love for writing never died.

Therefore Lisa utilized her talents and passion by writing a Christmas play for her church youth group alongside her daughter, told stories to coworkers, and archived many short stories and poems storing them for the day her dream as a writer would be fulfilled. In November 2020 Lisa became serious about her writing. Not having to punch a time clock and with the kids being adults this was the perfect time for Lisa to put her best foot forward and write her first novel, A PECULIAR KIND OF LOVE. This funny, heartfelt, coming-of-age inspirational story would be a legacy Lisa can leave her children and grandchildren; also bringing joy to the hearts that read it.

A Peculiar Kind of Love

A Peculiar Kind of Love

$19.95 - $24.95eBook: $6.99

A Peculiar Kind Of Love is a coming-of-age inspirational life story revolving around a lively and witty young lady named Drewlynn L. McCain (Drew for short). Drew has always had an interesting life; just at the age of four, Drew's mother, Joy Rivers, abandoned her at a pier in Texas, only to be found by some locals, then shipped off to live with Curtis and Shelia Jones, her foster parents. These two humans were almost as bad as Drew's absent parents; not only did they mock her for being abandoned, but they also blamed her for everything wrong in their lives. This heartfelt story takes place with a 22-year-old Drew, just graduating college with a bachelor's degree in marketing/advertising, alongside her Atlanta best friend Shantel Reid, who she'd met the first day of orientation four years earlier when starting school in Atlanta.

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