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Who am I? Well this book is a fractal of the whole mind, body, and spirit of which I am. I love to write and take other people’s mind on a wonderful journey through my eyes and how I see the world. “Go Out And Play” originally started off as being a poem that I wrote many years ago, but after sharing it with a good friend, I wanted to make it bigger and share it with the world. As a kid exploring the outdoors helped shape my creativity and want to pass the same energy to the now generation.

Go Out And Play

Go Out And Play

$13.95 - $15.95eBook: $6.99

"Go Out And Play" is a story about two young children that live with their grandpa who encourages them day after day to go outside and play. No matter what season it is or the conditions of the weather, he knows the joys that the wonderful outdoors can bring.

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