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Jet Cristobal is an author from Las Vegas, NV. English being his second language, the Filipino native had spent years in the medical field before finding his passion in writing. Now, Jet spends majority of his time working at New York New York Hotel and Casino. Or taking classes in Nevada State College. Between that and his writing, Jet likes eating out with his tightknit family or bar hopping with his friends. He also enjoys hiking, dancing, and being involved in the gay community. His book, Nicotine and Allspice, is his first endeavor in fiction writing. Look for itsjetastic17 on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Twitter where he mostly spends his time scrolling through. If you happen to see Jet out and about, make sure to say hi. He’s a great hugger.

Nicotine and Allspice

Nicotine and Allspice

$10.00eBook: $2.99

Jason has it all. Friends. Family. Career. Living in beautiful New York City. He has everything he needs to be happy. Despite this, however, he’s often overcome with emptiness in his life. A sense of loneliness. That changes when he meets Bryan, a smooth-talking, cigarette-smoking Prince Charming, whose captivating eyes mend his lonely heart.

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