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Welcome aboard Endeavor To, a reliable sloop, a little past her prime (not unlike the Captain), that always gets us where we want to sail.

Will and Irene Drake plan a summer-long cruise along the coasts of Maine, the Maritime Provinces, and as far East as the only remaining French possession in North America of St. Pierre and Miquelon in the Archipelago off the Southern tip of the Big Island of Newfoundland.

They decided that the time had come for them to develop a program to counteract the Falling Away From God trend.
So, they set sail on a mission to determine how other Pastors and members deal with the prevailing Conditions. The Conflicts. The Enemy and the Compromising impacting our society.

On returning to York Harbor, they present the concept of a dynamic program to their Pastor, Deacons, and Members for their input. The goal is to inspire members to become full-time Ambassadors in The Business of God.

With the completion of the CounterAct program, they believe they will counteract the chief cause of the trend away from God with the tremendous power of GOOD.

To introduce Counteract to a Nationwide group, they hold a special Summit Conference, with invited influential men and women of the Faith.

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