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When it comes to joy, Elizabeth Davis has been a lifelong learner. She entered the nursing profession in 2005 and has been joyfully serving others as a medical surgical nurse ever since. It brings her great satisfaction to ease a patient’s pain or to be a listening ear as they share their anxieties. One of her greatest joys is being asked to pray with family, friends, and patients. When not working as a nurse, Elizabeth loves attending the United Pentecostal Tabernacle in Charleston, Illinois where she serves as a musician and Sunday school teacher. At the end of the day, the aroma of a hot steaming cup of coffee and a good book are always a pleasure and joy of life.

Restoring Joy

Restoring Joy

$13.95 - $17.95eBook: $5.99

In the midst of a chaotic world, it feels like true joy has been deleted from society. Our sin-darkened world is hungering for satisfaction in life. The good news is God is restoring joy in an unprecedented manner. How can we have peace? How can we enjoy life? What if our life is a mess? How can we live a fulfilled life? What robs us of joy? God wants all of us to have joy no matter what surrounds us.

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