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Author Danielle Knutson enjoys writing silly stuff of children’s scuttlebutt under the Pen Name Dr. Knut. She knows what’s what somewhat. She grew up in a small rural town, went to church, said her prayers, and enjoyed the annual hoedowns in her pretty gowns. When she was 18, she joined the Army for 2 years and became a super-duper paratrooper. She then went on to college and even earned her PhD and for 20 years traveled the world working for the Department of Defense (DOD). She earned several awards and honors while working for DOD. Her real love, however, was writing children’s books, so she resigned from DOD gracefully and honorary. She and her cat Nacho now reside in South Carolina to be closer to family and friends and that is divine. You can also enjoy some of Nacho’s antics in Dr. Knut’s novels. She also writes under the Pen Name Dr. Doodle on the science of improving resiliency, and we can all relax she still utilizes her PhD beautifully.

Can You Get to Heaven on Roller-Skates?

Can You Get to Heaven on Roller-Skates?

$11.99eBook: $6.99

Children wonder about Heaven, especially when someone they love goes there. They have questions such as, how do we get to Heaven? "Can We Get to Heaven on Roller-Skates?" is an inspiring short story which will help children grow in their Christian faith. Beautifully illustrated, Dr. Knut and Nacho try to get to Heaven in many ways, but then they realize Jesus is the way.

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