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Don has earned several college degrees with one being an MBA in Organizational Psychology and Development. In 2017 he co-founded a professional counseling center in the community where he lives. Don has achieved certification with the John Maxwell Team as a speaker, teacher, and coach. Many people know him as a church planter, pastor, and mentor. He currently serves on the board of directors for several charitable organizations.

From childhood through adult life, Don R. Womble lived with Generalized Anxiety and Panic attacks. He is familiar with the fear and battles of those who agonize from these struggles. Don has learned by trial and error how to work through these disorders. Through the techniques and tools that he has attained, he has provided teaching, mentoring, and assistance to countless individuals suffering from the same challenges.

Don and his wife, Kathy, and family live in the south Fort Worth, Texas area. He considers himself a family man and enjoys family events more than any activities.

#AttackAnxiety: Winning The Fight

#AttackAnxiety: Winning The Fight

$14.95eBook: $2.99Audiobook: $12.99

Are stress and anxiety routine in your life?•Have you felt hopeless or less than a person with your anxiety struggle?•Are panic attacks something that you fear?•Do you live with the stigma of what other people think about your anxiety? If you suffer from anxiety disorders – you are not alone. Millions of ordinary people battle daily with personal anxiety.#AttackAnxiety is a self-help resource that weaves personal experiences of the author with tools to help master and work through anxieties. This book is broken into stages of Don Womble’s life, balanced by tips to manage anxiety disorders:•In childhood years• In teenage years• In marriage• In the workplace• While being the leader of a large organization. Get ready to understand how to tame and triumph over your weakness, as you discover ways to manage anxiety. This is more than just information; the tools and tips can bring transformation.

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