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Aspiring author who just completed the first novel in a three-part trilogy that explores themes of love and loss, crisis and redemption, across human society once our way of life and means of existence is shattered when the Internet comes crashing down.The Crystal Birdcage takes a philosophical approach towards the exploration of anxiety and fear which lurks within apocalyptic and dystopian literature.

The Crystal Birdcage is a day-by-day account of how people would react when they begin to realize that their lives have been turned upside down, and that we are all much more vulnerable that we could ever have imagined…

Check my *FaceBook* page under *Apollo Kowalyk – The Crystal Birdcage Book* or my *IG* page under *thecrystalbirdcage* for more insight as well as some unique “book trailers” that give you a better idea of the ‘feel’ of the book….

The Crystal Birdcage

The Crystal Birdcage

$19.95 - $26.95eBook: $9.99

In less than a generation, the Internet has become the backbone of human existence. Seemingly invisible, it permeates every aspect of our lives, allowing us to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and travel across continents with ease. It enables modern medicine and agriculture to perform miracles that support a burgeoning global population. It maintains the power grids and public utilities that keep us warm and safe.

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